Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is the only picture of little miss we can get right now. But we had to add her to our blog because what would life be without our sweet little Navey. Thanks for the comments, will try to update more later.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The news

Here is the bare min. We are doing great, life is full. Three good kids, good family, and friends.
Having a new baby keeps me busy, the rest of the time that nick is not hunting we are spending time with family. We miss my mom who lives in Oregon and we are sick of the economy and the elections. Kreid is in Preschool and Navey misses him bossing her around. Archer is a good baby and gets lots of attention from his siblings. I will update more pics later, we are at Mandys house and are using her pictures. Mostly things are just normal and we are greatful for that.

The new babe

This is our new baby Archer. He is the sweetest baby, we are so blessed to have three great children. Busy, but very blessed.
Nick and his ever perfect pose for pictures. He is working at Mountian State still and looking to get on as an EMT in January. Although if Obama wins we may move to Canada.... sorry all you Demacrats. Ok, not really.

Archer and mom

With every baby we have had a maddonna picture taken and so we drove to Utah to let Mandy take the pics of Archer and me. She did such a good job. This was one i liked. Mike says I look like a squaw, what's the verdict?

Kreid just turned five on the third of october. Pic was taken when we were visiting Mandy and Mike in Utah.


I finally let all of my friends and family talk me into making a blog. I would just like to let anyone looking at this know that this will not be you typical "pretty little blog spot" that is updated daily and has all the new, best stuff. I am lucky to get to use the internet on the weekends or the random day our computer will pick up the neighbors internet provider. Well here is to all of you.